Pablo Picasso


Edition of 1000
Medium Giclée
Image size 16 x 21 in
Paper size 16 x 21 in


During the early 20th Century, Picasso was working alongside George Braque with inspiration from African sculpture to create a new movement that came to be known as cubism. Picasso is commonly recognised as the pioneer for this movement and is the foundation for his fame. Here in Femme Au Balcon, we see Picasso’s cubist elements blend with portraiture to create this image full of colour and life.


Leaning against the curved railing of the balcony, the model in this print is depicted through a series of shapes and forms of varying colours layered over one another. A typical example of Pablo Picasso’s work, this print demonstrates the artist’s ability to manipulate perspective and create unique views of his subjects.


The Pablo Picasso signature has been taken from the original lithograph.


Certificate of Authenticity

Includes a full certificate of authenticity signed by Picasso's estate (Marina Picasso) and stamped.



Femme au Balcon by Pablo Picasso

  • The most well-known name in the modern art world and one of the most influential artists ever to have lived. His distinctive style and innovative drive for artistic creation have had a long-lasting impact on the art world.

    Born in Spain in 1881, the young Picasso began painting at the age of seven, tutored initially by his father before later going on to study at the Barcelona School of Fine Arts. 

    Thought to have created some 50,000 artworks, including paintings, prints and sculptures.