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REF: 5062

Medium - Etching on paper

Size - 8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm)

Limited Edition - 5 Impressions, 5 States

Recto – Signed and Inscribed “5th State 5/5 Percy Smith.”


Verso – Fine Art Galleries, Halifax Stamp.  Inscribed “This state sold by Percy Smith. R.E. 

5/5 Impressions 5th States

6 States & Published State

25 sets of published state.

Pub by T. Colnaghi & Co, Bond St, London.”



Marilyn Swain

Wuthering Heights by Percy Smith

  • Percy Smith was an artist, etcher, calligrapher, letterer and typographer of the late 19th Century. From his childhood in Victorian England he was inspired by the poetry, novel and life of Emily Bronte and loved the bleak, desolate landscape which was explored and loved by the Bronte children. He made sketches on paper of the heath around Haworth, the village of Haworth and the Elizabethan cottages which were dotted around the moorland.

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