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Frank Auerbach

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Frank Auerbach is a German-British painter known for his distinctive and expressive style. Born in Berlin in 1931, Auerbach moved to England in 1939 to escape the Nazi regime. He studied at the St Martin's School of Art and the Royal College of Art in London.

Auerbach's work is characterized by its thick, impasto application of paint and its intense, almost sculptural quality. He is known for his rigorous and obsessive approach to painting, often working on a single canvas for months or even years until he feels it accurately captures the essence of the subject.

Primarily a figurative painter, Auerbach focuses on portraits, cityscapes, and landscapes. His subjects are often depicted with a sense of raw energy and emotional depth, capturing the essence of their individuality. Auerbach's use of bold brushwork and intense color creates a sense of movement and dynamism within his works.

Throughout his career, Auerbach has received numerous accolades and has been exhibited widely. He has been the subject of major retrospectives and his works are held in prestigious collections around the world.

Auerbach's influence on contemporary art is significant, with his distinctive style inspiring many artists. His dedication to the process of painting and his ability to convey a sense of human presence and emotion through his works have made him a highly respected and admired artist. Today, Auerbach is considered one of the most important and influential living painters.

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