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Landscape Paintings

Original 19th Century and 20th Century Landscape Paintings in Oil and Watercolour.

Landscape Paintings: Bio

Landscape Paintings Online Art Gallery

Landscape painting has as its central theme either a natural or urban vista, whether that be in an abstract or figurative form. Landscape painting first appeared in calligraphy in 4th century China but only became popular during the 17th century. Landscape painting acquired real recognition in the nineteenth century, thanks to the work of English painters such as Sir Alfred East, Turner and Constable. The work by the English painters was later reinterpreted by the French Impressionists, who developed the effects of light on the Landscape. In the 20th century the definition of landscape painting widened even further with the birth of abstract painting and the emergence of English artists such as LS Lowry and Frank Dobson.

From the picturesque countryside of England to wild coastlines and the vibrant city. A landscape painting whether on Canvas or Paper is able to convey the sound, the smell and the atmosphere of its subject. 

Please click on the thumbnail images below to see the details and expanded image of each of the artworks. 



If you would like further information on any of our artworks, or you are interested in purchasing any of the pictures and you require additional images then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to provide these on request.

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