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Sir Alfred East - An Idyll at Como

19th Century Paintings

Original 19th Century Artwork in Oil, Watercolour, Pen and Ink and other Mixed Media.

19th Century Art:Bio

19th Century Paintings Online Art Gallery

The centre of the 19th Century Western artistic movement was the French Academy and Salon in Paris, where artists such as Sir Alfred East became influenced by the Barbizon school of painters. The Barbizon school drew inspiration directly from nature where rural scenes became the topic of the paintings rather than the backdrop. In the latter part of the century as Japan became open to international trade the influence of Japanese culture on European art came more to the fore.

The changes in artistic style over the century were significant, progressing from the aged old Masters to the first shoots of Modernism. It was also during this period that artists started to produce works that reflected their own ideas and interests, whereas previously an artist worked primarily on commissioned pieces on behalf of an individual or institution.

Oakham Fine Art has a collection of outstanding and unique 19th Century paintings. Please click on the thumbnail images below to see the details and expanded image of each of the artworks.

If you would like further information on any of our artworks, or you are interested in purchasing any of the pictures and you require additional images then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to provide these on request.

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