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REF: 5059

Medium - Oil on canvas

Size - 17½" x 23½" (44cm x 60cm)

Recto - Signed


Verso - Inscribed “Westminster”. Stamped Winsor and Newton, London





Condition – Excellent

Westminster Abbey by Alfred de Breanski Jnr

  • Alfred de Breanski Jnr, also known as Alfred Fontville de Breanski was born in 1877. Alfred de Breanski Jnr was a Landscape painter and son of Alfred de Breanski Snr, the well known Victorian artist. Breanski Jnr also painted Scottish loch and mountain scenes in a style similar to that of his father's.


    Although Breanski Jnr is best known for his landscapes his greatest picture is quite possibly "Westminster" which is painted in the style of John Atkinson Grimshaw. It is surprising that Breanski Jnr never followed this urban path as he clearly has a significant talent for it.

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