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Stanhope Forbes

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Stanhope Forbes was an English artist and a prominent figure in the Newlyn School of painters. Born in 1857 in Dublin, Ireland, Forbes studied at the Lambeth School of Art in London and later at the Royal Academy Schools.

Forbes is known for his paintings that capture the everyday life of working-class people in Cornwall, particularly in the fishing villages of Newlyn and St. Ives. His works depict scenes of fishermen, farmers, and their families engaged in their daily activities, often set against the backdrop of the picturesque coastal landscapes.

One of Forbes' most famous paintings is "A Fish Sale on a Cornish Beach" (1885), which exemplifies his ability to convey a sense of realism and capture the atmosphere of the scene. He was skilled at depicting the effects of light and the natural beauty of the Cornish landscape.

Forbes was also influential in establishing the Newlyn Art School, which attracted artists from various backgrounds and played a significant role in the development of British Impressionism. He believed in the importance of painting en plein air and capturing the fleeting effects of light and atmosphere.

His dedication to depicting the lives of ordinary people and his ability to convey a sense of empathy and authenticity in his paintings made Forbes a respected and celebrated artist during his lifetime. His work continues to be admired for its technical skill, the rich characterization of his subjects, and its historical significance in documenting a specific time and place in British history.

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