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Pablo Picasso

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Spanish (1881 – 1973) 


The most well-known name in the modern art world and one of the most influential artists ever to have lived. His distinctive style and innovative drive for artistic creation have had a long-lasting impact on the art world.

Born in Spain in 1881, the young Picasso began painting at the age of seven, tutored initially by his father before later going on to study at the Barcelona School of Fine Arts. 

There had never been another artist before Picasso who had such a large following and profound impact on the art world as he did. Most of the revolutionary changes and developments that the visual arts underwent in Picasso’s lifetime were inspired by his extensive influence and powerful drive for experimentation.

The co-founder of Cubism, credited also with inventing constructed sculpture and for the co-invention of the collage art style. Picasso is also attributed as one one three artists that defined the elements of plastic arts.

After a long and creatively productive life, Picasso died in 1973 and was buried in the garden of the Chateau de Vauvenargues with the bronze of La Femme Au Varles of 1933 placed on his grave.

Pablo Picasso

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